Watch dogs, guard dogs & drug detection dogs

Our watch dogs or guard dogs are used to guard against and watch for, unwanted or unexpected people or animals. They will bark loudly to alert of an intruders presence and to scare them away. Whilst the watch dogs’ function ends here; guard dogs are capable of attacking,or restraining the intruder.

Our drug detection dogs are used to identify illegal odours including; cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis/marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamines, amphet- amines, ketamine, MDMA and other commonly abused drugs that may harm the reputation of your establishment.


The importance of a drug free establishment

Each year across the UK, establishments are closed following drug raids where illegal substances are found on the premises. In order to protect your establish- ment and loss of licence, business owners are able to protect themselves by putting security measures in place.

Seeing a drug detection dog on the door, is, psychologically, one of the best deterrents against using or selling drugs on the premises of a club or event. We also provide a strictly confidential service out of hour’s service if required.


Our procedures

In the initial stages NS-UK will liaise with the client to establish the best operational situation for deployment. This will involve obtaining information from the client to determine key points and areas that require searching.

Once this has been established NS-UK will compile an effective work method statement and risk assessment, agreed by both parties after consultation. This statement will indicate how we will deploy our services and that it is executed in the best interests of health and safety.

You will receive a full report at the end of the service containing all the relevant details of the search. This will assist in maintaining your ‘Health and Safety Drugs Policy’.

The dogs’ ability to detect a ‘target scent’ is far greater than any machine could ever be manufactured.

Passive, non-aggressive solutions

Our drug detection dogs are trained with a passive, non-aggressive method. This ensures that drugs can be detected without causing damage to personal or business property.

Free security audits

If you would like a free security audit for your establishment, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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