´┐╝Protecting your site and the people on it

Our staff are trained to protect property, assets, your staff and the people on your site. Our presence can not only manage incidents, but also act as a deterrent to prevent incidents occurring in the first place.


Property guarding

Our security guards can assist by ensuring that staff and visitors are obeying the laws laid down by your organisation. This can be anything from enforcing the no smoking policy to safe guarding the physical and intellectual property of your organisation.


Hospitals & healthcare facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are some of the most active public places in the UK. Since most facilities want to maintain an open environment policy, they are vulnerable to criminal activity if left undefended. The unique challenges of protecting patients, employees and property, whilst maintaining privacy, requires an experienced and professional team.


Schools and educational establishments

Security and safety in schools is a highly emotive subject and one which is never far from the conscience of the head teacher, facilities team, governing body and LEA who all have roles to play in the implementation of an effective school security strategy.

In recent times the importance of school security has been highlighted by tragic events such as Hall Garth School in Middlesborough, the death of London Head Teacher Philip Lawrence and perhaps most alarmingly the multiple deaths at Dunblane Primary School. These events and subsequent incidents have all emphasised the need for a safe and secure school environ- ment so that those who are employed in schools, together with the schoolchildren them- selves, may work in an environ- ment which minimises the risk to their personal safety. NS UK understand the needs of educational establishments and will work with you to develop an effective security strategy for your learning environment.


Your budget

NS UK can provide professional solutions that fit the most unique budgets, layouts and security needs.

Our security team are able to provide:

Static and mobile guards
Security guards that promote health and safety on site
Reduce theft and vandalism
Close protection for vulnerable individuals
Guards that will detect and prevent accidents, incidents and offences

Free security audits

If you would like a free security audit for your establishment, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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