Managing shoplifting, robbery and theft

Problems with shoplifting, robbery (armed or otherwise), burglary, walk in theft from storage areas or employee theft, makes the need for a security presence in shopping centres and retail businesses very real.

NS UK work in partnership with clients to protect their premises, stock, employees and customers. Our team address key security issues and concerns. They will also put plans of action in place to put a stop to theft and shrinkage ensuring your establishment is a safe and secure environment.


Reducing crime

Unfortunately it is common for criminals to routinely fill their bags with merchandise and many are able to exit stores undetected.

However, with the strong presence of trained retail security guards, criminals are more hesitant and therefore less likely to go through with the act, with the chances of getting caught being greater and the chances of escaping are minimal.


Comprehensive ‘in store’ security

Whether it’s staff safety, shrinkage, internal/external theft or covering distribution and warehousing, NS UK can advise, design and implement the security service required.

As well as comprehensive in-store security services, we also provide cover for the services found listed on the right.

Our in-store retail security officers are personally supported by a team of area supervisors and managers each allocated to specific stores. This ensures consistency and a single point of contact for both the store and officers.


Protecting your property

Retail security is a very different type of service provision from many other security roles, there- fore it requires the need for a specialist company with trained employees. The NS UK are specialists in this field. The team will combat crime hot spots and provide innovative methods of loss reduction, without compro- mising service delivery to your footfall.

We also provide cover for:

Special events such as in-store promotions, celebrity attendees etc
Temporary seasonal cover, for the provision of cover at stores experiencing periodic seasonal risk or needing enhanced cover at busy times
Security at AGMs and EGMs

Free security audits

If you would like a free security audit for your establishment, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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